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MARIA SCILEPPI - At Large Representative

Maria is an artist with an unwavering dedication to fostering a thriving creative environment.  She is passionate about nurturing a vibrant creative culture both in a professional context and within the community she calls home. It is this very passion that led her to step onto the board of the neighborhood council.

Drawing from her wealth of experience in creative collaboration and Innovation, Maria brings a unique perspective to the table. Her expertise resonates deeply with the artistic soul of Silver Lake, breathing life into endeavors that meld artistry with community-building.

While this marks her first foray into the realm of politics, Maria's roots in civic engagement run deep, stemming from a lineage of family involvement. Her grandfather's legacy as the mayor of a town in Indiana instilled in her a sense of duty and service that has found its home in Silver Lake.

Maria is honored to serve the Silver Lake community. Her focus revolves around crucial issues such as advocating for expanded bike lanes, ensuring pedestrian rights, nurturing the arts and culture scene, and preserving the unique urban fabric that defines Silver Lake.

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