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November 9th: The History of Los Angeles in 100 Images

Drawing on a lifetime of collecting and research, historian and archivist Paul Ayers will present “The History of Los Angeles in 100 images” at the Altadena Historical Society, 6:30 p.m. Thursday, November 9, 2023, at the Silver Lake Library, 2411 Glendale Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90039.

Ayers, a longtime Southern California historian, archivist, preservationist and activist, has chosen 100 [or so] images which he feels best illustrates the story of Los Angeles from the time of the Ranchos to today and presents via PowerPoint with insightful commentary and anecdotes. Intertwining cultural, business and political history the presentation should provide a useful introduction to the history of the region for the neophyte and a departure for discussion for the more knowledgeable.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Paul Ayers is a fourth generation Southern Californian, the descendant of a Ventura County pioneer family. After receiving a degree in history from UC Berkeley Paul worked in the entertainment industry as a prop maker, project manager and stage manager. In his late 30s Paul decided to go to law school, working in the studios by day and going to school at night. He graduated, passed the bar and was sworn in on his 40th birthday. As an attorney he has specialized in diverse practice areas such as boundary disputes, sexual harassment, on-board aviation torts, public access cases and death care torts. Throughout his life, regardless of his occupation, Paul has had a deep and abiding interest in the history of Southern California. His primary research fields include silent movie locations, 19th century roads and trails and the Pacific Electric Rwy.

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