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Curbside Organics Recycling Program

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

OrganicsLA is a curbside organics recycling program from the City of Los Angeles, aimed at keeping organic waste out of landfills and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. To help residents start recycling their food scraps, LASAN is offering a free kitchen pail to City of Los Angeles residents. These pails are available for pre-registered pickup at participating distribution sites, one pail per household, while supplies last.

But pails are NOT required to participate in the new organic waste recycling program.You can collect food scraps throughout the week using the kitchen pail provided by the City, or any other container of choice (e.g., bowl, paper bag, etc.), and empty the contents of the pail into the green bin along with yard waste for weekly collection.

To receive a pail and learn more, please click here

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