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KRISTEN EGERMEIER – Region 1 Representative; Green Committee Co-Chair

A Los Angeles native, Kristen is a professional actress, voice over artist, writer, Interact Theatre Company’s Board Secretary/ company member, and a business consultant.  After living on the East Coast for eight years, she moved back to LA where she has lived in Silver Lake for the past six years with her partner and two rescue dogs.

Her love and respect for the natural world drives her pursuit of conservation, food justice, love of neighborhood- and EVERYONE in it. When she’s not writing films and plays, you’ll often hear or see her work on radio, TV, and film. You can also find Kristen volunteering with local organizations, like Food Forward. She believes digging in the dirt is good for you, being a support to marginalized communities is vital, and listening with both ears is the most important skill a person can have.

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