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COURTNEY CASGRAUX – Region 4 Representative

Now, more than ever, we need to bring communities and businesses together to lead the revitalization of Silver Lake. Rooted in both the community and businesses of Silver Lake I’am a passionate advocate for its interests. As a business owner within Region 4 for over six years I’ve launched and grown my business while supported individuals and communities within. Moreover, I’ve personally invested in the growth of Silver Lake’s local businesses and have helped over 14 women start their own businesses within LA County.


Throughout my professional and personal life as an entrepreneur, I’ve been dedicated to community building, promoting local and independent business owners and job creation. My vision for Region 4 is to support job growth, protect the unique cultures of native Angeleno business and to protect Silver Lake’s commercial interests by safeguarding current and future business owners while advocating for policies and practice that allow local business to thrive.

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