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DAVID OMENN – At-Large Representative

David first moved to Silver Lake in 2012 and now lives in Region 6 with his wife, Gaby, and three young children. He is a former elementary school science teacher and has devoted his 15+-year career to making America’s education system more equitable, particularly for kids growing up in poverty. A Seattle native with multi-generational roots in Los Angeles, David is an Eagle Scout and a seven-time marathoner.

David joined the Council because he believes we all have a role to play in making Silver Lake a thriving neighborhood for individuals from all backgrounds. He has a special interest in advocating for youth and educational opportunity and is a proponent of conserving and appreciating our natural environment (including a lot of love for our Reservoir Complex). Across all issues, he believes in surfacing perspectives from diverse stakeholders and building relationships that lead to solutions that benefit as many as possible.

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