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CHRIS BOURNE – Region 5 Representative; Transportation & Safety Committee Co-Chair

As a former teacher, I learned that the health of a community can be seen in the success of its students. I have lived in Region 5 for a decade, I love it here, and I want an inclusive, equitable, and healthy future for my young daughter. I believe that begins by ensuring our community supports our kids. Before they even get to school, students need stable housing, food, and a safe way to get there.

he pandemic, exploding housing costs, and over-policing are all obstacles to student success and have had a disproportionate impact on renters and people of color. I am running for our Neighborhood Council because I want to help students, parents, and teachers to shape our agenda. I will work to make sure all schools that serve our students have a voice and support diverting funds from unjust police budgets into services that set a foundation for student success in school. I plan to start a Youth and Education Committee as a forum for school communities to tell us what they need.

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